ServicesThe length and focus of therapy varies depending on your unique needs.

I work with adults and couples of all ages. I welcome clients of all ethnicities, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

Individual Psychotherapy

In my experience and practice, psychodynamic therapy has proven to be the most helpful way of working with my clients. By providing a safe space, adequate time and focused attention, I help clients identify and reveal the hurt that lies beneath some of their behaviors and ways of thinking. By discussing whatever is on their mind, clients are able to unload some of the negative feelings, and at the same time become more mindful of a greater range of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Over time, clients are able to think and act more flexibly. They become more confident and comfortable with themselves. In turn, they are able to develop more satisfying relationships with others and an inner sense of peace and authenticity within themselves.

Couples Therapy

Many couples come to therapy feeling isolated or stuck in their relationships. We work together to process difficult emotions, teach skills for listening and managing conflict, develop rituals for enhancing friendship, and create a shared system of meaning as a couple.


I also supervise psychology interns interested in learning more about psychodynamic therapy and private practice.